13 March 2006

Shut Out and Almost Rained Out

So, yeah, no clever intro this time.

Friday - Got home and tried to sleep, but didn't work. Ate a sub for dinner. Wow. Exciting.

Saturday - Went shopping. That was fun. Grabbed the latest issue of HM and a copy of Utopia. And finally got a pair of Con's (Old School, Chuck Taylor styles, henceforth referred to as "Chucks"). And I got to eat at Einstein Bros, which always rocks. Got home, ate pizza, finished my report on rock music, and went to hang out with friends. That was awesome.

Sunday - Church - tornado sirens went off just before we started the service. And what do you do in a 100-yr old chapel with no basement? Stand outside and wonder what to do. So after my dad made a call to staff duty, it was determined that we should just dive under the pews if we experienced bad weather (which never came). After the service and Sunday school, I took my mom to the emergency room (long story). Then I worked on my Exec. Sum. for a while. I stood outside in the sun, enjoying the nice weather, listening to tornado sirens in the background. That was trippy. As I left for hockey, the sun was setting behind a storm, making for a very cool effect. And then we drove into the storm. I thought we would die. And all that to loose 0-6. Anti-climactic.

Rock on.

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