07 March 2006

I Interupt Your Regular Brodcast

Actually, this post is just like my normal "update" posts, I just felt like saying that.

So, weekend recap: Friday was cool - I was at school till four, getting a letter of recommendation from my SAI. Then I ran home and got ready to go camping. On my way to the assembly point, I stopped by the post office to mail my scholarship application. In the process, I learned why people hate the post office. Anyway, I made it on time to leave at five, so in review: I got home, packed, sent off my application, and got to the meeting point, all within an hour. Not bad, eh? On the trip, I ran around the woods, ate, and slept. Fun.

Saturday, I left the camping trip early to get home and help out around the house (my mum has a hurt leg, which I haven't mentioned for some reason), do homework (Yeah, right. Like I did homework on a Saturday. But I did try), and catch some z's in a real bed. Then I went on a date, on which everything went horribly awry. Well, not horribly, but awry none the less. I just like the word "awry".

Sunday - HOCKEY! But first, church. The sermon was good, and made a great point about Lent. Then Sunday School went better. And hockey? Well, we were missing a few people, and playing the number one team in the league, but kept them down to only a one point victory. Final? 3-4. Again, not bad.

Umm...shalom (I have decided to use shalom instead of "hello" and "good-bye". Spread it.)

Rock on.

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