11 July 2006


1 Corinthians 9:19-23

What does the perfect ministry look like? Is it a Billy Graham crusade? Is it Cornerstone?

How is the perfect ministry performed? Through speaking? Music? Writing?

Obviously, this is a hypothetical question. No ministry except for that of Christ has ever been or ever will be perfect. But more than that, there is no formula for the "best" ministry.

The reason for this is quite simple: Relationships. To reach someone, you must be able to relate to them, on an intellectual, spiritual, and emotional level. To reach the Jew, you must become like the Jew. To reach the weak, you must become weak.

To relate to someone, you have to do several things: Hear. This is most important. Speak. But only after hearing. And relating. Not only does this show that you heard, but that you understood and that you know what the person is going through.

And out of the three, relating is most important. It's not only how you can relate to the person, but how God can relate.

After all, Christianity itself is a relationship.

Rock on.