23 February 2007

ICC to Hear Evidence

As reported by the AFP:

The International Criminal Court will hear evidence on whether or not to open an inquiry into the Sudanese genocide. If the judge rules to open the investigation, this will be a very historic case, the first time an investigation is launched into an ongoing conflict. I have not seen anything to indicate that Genocide will be listed among the formal charges, but this is a step in the right direction.

For those who don't know, the ICC is the new embodiement of the International Court of Justice, the legal branch of the UN. In the event that a local government lacks the jurisdiction or ability to hear a case, or refuses to do so, the ICC can step in.

Again, for those who don't know, the US decided to stop referring to the on-going (albeit improving) war in Sudan as genocide.

May the world finally see the tragedy of the Sudanese genocide.

Rock on.

Update as of March 4, 2007: The ICC has ruled that several key Sudanese officials will stand trial. The Sudanese government, however, has refused to turn the suspects over to the court, claiming it will conduct its own investigation into the matter. This, in effect, leaves the court powerless.