13 February 2006

Anti-Climactic, but in a Good Way

It was cold this weekend!! Joy to the world, it was cold! For the first time in a month, Snow Creek had a full slope of snow. To celebrate, I spent my Saturday on the slopes. Fun stuff.

Sunday? What can be said about Sunday? Church was cool. Good sermon. But then came Sunday School For the longest time, it has been evident that while I am in a Senior-Junior class, the curriculum is aimed at elementary schoolers. We discussed Jesus calming the storm from Mark. One of the thought provoking questions: what do you think the disciples smelled? Tasted? The one semi-provocative question was what we thought the disciples were saying and thinking during the storm. I bet Luke was wondering if he payed his rent. And Simon Peter was dicussing with Andrew about buying a puppy. What the heck do you think they were saying? "AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! WE'RE GOING TO DIE! THE BOAT IS SINKING!!"

Hockey on Sunday night: 4-1 defeat. The first goal they scored? They shot, missed, it hit the stick of one of my team-mates and bounced in. Second goal was ok. Third goal? They scored even though they were off-sides. Fourth goal was good. I'm not saying we should have won, but we should have lost by less.

Today was the visit of the hate group. It was seriously anti-climactic. I was expecting like thirty protesters yelling and only feet away from the school. But it was actually quite calm. There were only five. And then we had a whole bunch of graduates come back and protest against the hate group, so it was cool.

I finally followed through with a shirt idea. With protesters "hating in the name of God", I decided to set the record straight, so I made a shirt that said "God is Love. - 1 John 4:8" on it.
But I made the mistake of using an industrial sized Sharpie on it. In my room. So last night I kinda go high off of the fumes while going to sleep and had a dream about a cupcake eating me. Then the shirt was putting off Sharpie fumes all day. So I lost a couple brain cells, but I made a point (I hope).

Rock on (in the Sharpie fumes).