28 January 2007

This God Guy...He's Kinda Awesome

Over the past week, God has shown how truly amazing He is. I went to church last Sunday (on a side note, this is becoming a regular occurence now, so huzzah) and the sermon was about Christ at the synagogue in Nazareth (Luke 4:14-30). However, it focused mainly on the quote from Isaiah (61:1,2) and related God's promise in Isaiah to Christ's earthly ministry and our responsibility as Christians and disciples. As a hopefully-someday-preacher, this really spoke to me. On Thursday, at CCF, our campus minister Tim spoke about the need to serve and suffer to be great like Jesus (using the text of Mark 10:35-40) and the hardships of being servant of Christ (and relating them to his life in the ministry). In spite of the challenging theme of the sermon (seriously, suffering? Not so much fun), the sermon made me even more eager to get out in the world and preaching. Today's sermon was along the same theme as last weeks (same text), and focused more on reaching the gentiles.

I guess what I'm really trying to say (albeit in the form of a journal entry) is that this week, it has really felt like God is pushing me more and more towards the ministry. And given sudden strong feelings, I'm thinking after college, I'm headed for either Seattle or Portland.

Rock on.