28 April 2009

The Rescue Update

Since Saturday, ninety-eight of one hundred cities have been Rescued.

The two remaining cities are
  1. Richmond, VA
  2. Chicago, IL
Hundreds of people from other rallies are heading to the two locations to provide support.

To see how you can help or to stay tuned for updates, visit this site.

Rock on.

Edit: Musician Gavin DeGraw rescued Richmond, leaving Chicago.

27 April 2009

The Rescue

Saturday was the national Invisible Children event The Rescue (of Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers).

The basic idea was that in one hundred cities across the world, people would gather and not leave until they were "rescued" by a celebrity and the media. For Atlanta, this meant a visit from comedian Jeff Foxworthy, who delivered a letter from Governor Sonny Perdue, an aide representing Senator Johnny Isakson, Representative John Lewis, who flew from Washington, D.C. to attend the event, and media coverage from the local Fox affiliate.

As the event drew to a close, "Rescue Riders" piled into cars and vans to head towards the nearest city not to be rescued, which was Charleston, South Carolina. Several people have vowed not to return home until all cities have been rescued (at posting, seven cities, including Charleston, await rescue -- to find out how you can support these protests, follow the link).

The Rescue Riders take their inspiration from the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights movement, to include Representative Lewis.

On a related note, Rep. Lewis and five other members of Congress were arrested at a protest in support of the Save Darfur Coalition. The congressmen crossed a police line at the Sudanese embassy and refused to move.

Rock on.

21 April 2009

My Backwards Lent

I just left the desert on Sunday. I'm a week behind, I know.

This year, Lent seemed to be more about coming to a startling realization rather than intentional sacrifice.

I felt more like the wandering Israelites in the wilderness for forty years than the fasting Christ in the wilderness for forty days.

The things I usually give up for Lent seemed so much harder to leave behind. I felt more removed from God than connected. And as I felt the descending sense of isolation, I sat and was acted upon, rather than acting.

Now, as the Christian world celebrates the Risen Christ, I join in the jubilee, but seek the discipline I missed during those forty days.

May the Lord be with me, and all who search for submission to the Father.

Rock on.

12 April 2009

He is Risen

Pictured: Auferstehung Christi by Meister von Messkirch; retrieved on Wikimedia Commons

03 April 2009


I've said it before, I'll say it again. Living in a college town means good radio, which means underground music.

As I was driving home from a midnight run to IHoP, UGA's own WUOG was doing their usual thing, and a truly amazing song came on.

It's POS's "Never Better", off of the album by the same name. Listen to it at Pitchfork, and be sure to check out the eponymous track fourteen and track one, "Let It Rattle".

I didn't like hip-hop when I was in high school, but after listening to a few alternative artists, it has really started to grow on me. POS does a pretty good job of it. Not to mention, he sampled from and toured with underOath.

Here's his video for Optimist.

Rock on.