23 January 2006

Rocks A...sleep

First off, sorry I've been slacking on my blog. To my three loyal readers (two if you don't count my mum), I apologize. I'll get my act together.

Moving right along, last night's hockey game was great. We almost won. The final was 5-6 (I think. The point is, we lost by one point). And we would have won had Kurt shown up, but no. He had to watch his precious Panthers lose a play-off game.

I don't know why, but I slept for like an hour and a half after school. I just fell asleep on the couch. But I woke up just in time for dinner, which was cool.

My weekend, how boring are thee? My mother's cure for a boring Friday night? "Drew, we need some half & half. Why don't you drive down to Dillon's and pick some up? And while your at it, you can get yourself a soda or something." So the high light of my weekend came early. I walked into Dillon's and Alex yelled at me from the Deli. Then on Saturday, I ran around in the woods behind the school, then went down to Metro North. Sunday? Church and hockey.

I need a life. Or at least a friend with a life that I can live vicariously through.

Rock on.

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Aley said...

Geez Drew, you make me horrible sad! lol You should come hang out with me and my youth group sometimes, man, we know how to partay, if ya know what I mean. You don't..hmm, funny, neither do it. Anyhoo, hockey huh? I've never been to a hockey game...too violent for my tastes. And sporty, I'm really not much of a sport watcher unless you're talking about The Sport: Tennis, then I could watch allllllll day long. Well, later homie, I got calc, fun fun fun...hope you caught the sarcasm, I dunno, some people have trouble reading sarcasm.