16 January 2006

A Dark Night in Hockey History

Wow. My hockey team is so bad...
How bad is it?
My hockey team is so bad we lost 10-2 last night.

Ok, so that's not funny. But it is sad. Incredibly, incredibly sad. I think this makes us 2-15.

Otherwise, it was a pretty good weekend. I bought four great CDs over on Saturday(mewithoutYou, Emery, As I Lay Dying, and Falling Up). Chapel was good on Sunday. And I didn't have school today. So I slept until 11, which is just fun.

And while writing this post, I just realized how incredibly dull my life really is.

Rock on.


Aley said...

Dude, ok, I never get 1st comment on anyone's blog! Kudos to me! So, yeah, your life does sound kind of dull, j/k, I'm not that mean. Even if it were I wouldn't say that! My weekend kind of sucked too. Well, not really, I'm just trying to make you feel better. lol. See you tomorrow!

Scipio said...

Yo Drew, quit spamming me.