27 October 2005

Killing Two Birds with One Blog

Ok, so this isn't exactly what I had in mind. When I started writing this blog, I was all excited, and saying to myself, "I'm gonna update this twice a week! Go me!". That hasn't really happened.

In another aspect of my life, when I decided that Christianity had to be one of those all or nothings for me, I said, "I'm gonna read my Bible like three times a day." Unfortunately, that didn't really happen. Well, it did, but in waves. A week of reading my Bible everyday, a month of taking it to church and FCA and no further.

I have mentioned this to a few people, but haven't really acted on it (as I am oh so known to do), but now I'm going to use my Bible and my blog as accountability for eachother. Don't be alarmed, I speaketh not of judging my Bible by my blog, but instead of using my blog to keep me reading in my Bible and my Bible to keep me writing in my blog. So my blog is not only going to be where I put my rants and raves, but also where I post my thoughts on Bible verses. Some of my thoughts may become "rant-ly-ish-esque", but oh well.

Read on.
Rock on.

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