26 September 2005

The Difference Between Happiness and Joy

Happiness. To many, this is what life is all about. Many acquantances and friends have told me that they walked away from God because they weren't happy and now they are. So many people have told me that living for themselves makes them happy, and that is why they do it. It makes them happy to escape from their problems. However, I have news for these people. Happiness is fleeting. Nobody will always be happy. It is impossible. I've heard it put that "happiness happens".

There is something else out there though. Joy. Joy, unlike happiness, is eternal. Will you always be in a good mood? No. Will you always have it easy? No, but you won't be with happiness either. Where joy and happiness go seperate ways is that when the going gets tough, it is joy that helps you get through it.

During hard times, those who are searching after happiness flee their problems, through anymeans necessary. Those who have joy in their lives overcome their problems, and though they may occasionally stumble, they overcome with flying colors.

Rock on.

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