06 November 2005

Put Back the Stars, I'm Out of Place Tonight

Over the weekend, I went camping out in the middle of the boondocks. Among other things, I sat by the fire, ran around in the woods, and looked at the stars.

There is something incredibly comforting about looking up at the stars at night. Especially when you think of how the stars have always been used as a navigational aide. People today are seeing the same stars that guided sailors thousands of years ago. To me, though, stars serve another purpose. They serve as a constant reminder that God is with me; that HE will serve as my guide through life. As I stare down the long, dark stretch of road that is senior year, I become very frightened. It seems that every aspect of my life is presenting me with a choice to be made, a fork in the road to choose. Looking at the stars this weekend, I felt a sudden reassurance that God will get me through life and that He will love me no matter what.

Rock on.

(P.S. - For those interested, the title of this entry is pulled from the lyrics of Blindside's "Put Back the Stars" off of The Great Depression.)

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