02 May 2008

South Africa at the Olympics

The main argument I hear against boycotting the Olympics is, "The Olympics should not be political."

Well, in 1962, South Africa was barred from participating in the Olympics. The ban last until 1992. The reason for the barring was apartheid.

Just something to think about.

Rock on.

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Anonymous said...

Politics may not always be separate from the Olympics. But then again, China's not oppressing its minorities. Their handling of Tibet could be better but it's not apartheid-level.

And the people who support the Beijing Olympics don't necessarily support the CCP in the same breath. They could feel that it's time for China to have their turn on the international arena, despite the country's flaws. Because let's face it, not even liberal democratic countries are free of problems like in China. Sure they can argue that they have it to a much lesser degree but the fact that they still have that plank in their eye dampens their own credibility.