13 January 2008

New Semester, New Classes, New Job, New Posts...Maybe

Yeah. The title says it all.

January means that you should have invested in a textbook company last month and should be ready to sell it halfway through February (seriously, that might be a good way to pay for classes - or at least a textbook or two).

I'm taking a whopping fifteen hours (for those interested, Intro to International Relations, Social Justice, Religion in Literature, Apocalyptic Literature, and giving German another try) along with working (temporarily) for the University bookstore (another fifteen hours, at least until the end of the month.) and leadership responsibilities with Invisible Children and CCF.

I have several ideas for posts. Quite a few, really. But I'm still trying to work out that whole "proper time management" thing. I aim to have it down to a point where I can start blogging on weekends instead of trying to play catchup with reading. Hopefully, my attention span will get in line with the rest of my mind.

We shall see.


Post Script: I'm also going to update my links as well. That's at the very back seat, though.


John said...

How is the Social Justice class constructed?

rocksalive777 said...

We're starting with John Rawls' A Theory of Justice and moving to Utilitarian and Communitarian critiques of it.

The UGA Political Science department is perhaps the only place in the world that can take a theory class on social justice and turn it into a dry discussion inaccessible to the world at large.