05 January 2008

I Only Have Time for Eternity

Thomas Merton once said, "The most wonderful moment of the day is that when creation in its innocence asks permission to "be" once again, as it did on the first morning that ever was."

On my flight back from Korea, I was privileged with the amazing opportunity to witness the sunrise twice in one day. For those who have yet to see such an event, I highly recommend taking your next flight early in the morning. As the plane takes off and the sun comes over the horizon and its radiance shines out over the ground, moving slowly to envelop all things for as far as the eye can see.

I'm almost never awake for sunrise - I am, after all, a college student, and sleep is very important for me. And add to this the fact that I'm a nighthawk. Coffee at midnight? Sure.

But the few times a year I do witness this natural miracle, I cannot help but be reminded of the glory of the Resurrection. The dark, cold landscape illuminated by the warm light of the sun is the perfect analogy for the eternal life of Christ. Everything is made new again and we slowly begin to rise from our slumber to go about our work, all the day singing praises to God.

Rock on.

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