30 January 2006

Almost Close

Saturday was awesome. I got to sleep in for the first time in close to a month. And then I went to this cool little store called Salt Mine and got two great CDs and one of my favorite movies (Kids in the Way's Apparitions of Melody; Showbread's No Sir, Nihlism is Not Practical; Extreme Days).

Sunday, well, it was Sunday. For the first time since October (I think) my team scored first. We lead the game for a while. And were tied until the end of the second period. Then our goalie let in two shots back to back. We lost. Man, I despise my goalie. Normally, I would take some blame for a loss, as I play defense. But no, the two goals were completely his fault this time. But hey, I took like three different people out (double points, cause all three were like twice my size).

Today was awesome. I got to skip school and go to K-State for Scholarship Day, meet with several Poli Sci profs, tour the campus, and all that cool stuff you do when looking at colleges. And then I got my verification stuff from UGA. Only downers - still had to get up at 5 and had to miss Law class.

Random pimpiness: Read Zach Arrington's Confessions of a College Freshman. It is hi-lar-i-ous.

Rock on.

P.S. - I'll start posting about the Bible again soon, I promise.


Aley said...

Kids in the Way? I like them! My friend Ali got me to listen to one of their songs, pretty tight. I want to skip school to go to a college...well, not KState though, no offense. lol Later yo, get to work on that trial stuff, you guys better make me look good! lol j/k

Aley said...

Oh yeah, check out that icon, Magic Bus (The Who) Pretty sweet!