27 August 2008

Regina Spektor

Over the summer, I lived with my friend Evander. Evander has weird taste in music.

By weird, I mean he listens to a lot of jazz. And video game music. And N*Sync. And Christmas music. Oh, and choral pieces. As I said, weird - or, at least, unexpected.

Anyway, he and I usually end up either reminiscing about 90s one-hit-wonder alt-rock bands or giving each other new CDs to listen to.

I introduced him to piano-rock group Mae. He introduced me to Regina Spektor.

He let me borrow her first CD, and I listened to it at least every day for two weeks. So now, I pass this musical addiction on to you:

This is her song "Samson"

And this is one of my favorite music videos ever, "Us"

Rock on.

Post Script: I was going to write about a artist I discovered on NPR's Echoes about a month a go. The artist's name is Alu, and while she was introduced to me as "Alice in Wonderland in hell", she manages to avoid YouTube - an impressive feat. Anyway, check her out at www.alumusic.com


Anonymous said...

Regina Spektor is one of the LOVELIEST and MOST BRILLIANT Storytellers out there! And so beautiful too! Thanks for turning me on to Alu. Not even sure what to compare her to. Very unique stuff! Looks like she is now on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Yew1w80Dhc

DJ Ninjitsu Master J said...

No. Regina Spektor is ours. No one else's. Our precious. Cannot have. Ours. Do not share.