02 April 2008

Stuff I Liked on Stuff Christians Like

I tried to resist. I hadn't even heard of that silly website until this week, when all of sudden, it was mentioned on pretty much every blog I read. Being the Indie kid that I am (you happy, Jeremy, I finally admitted it?), I tried to keep from reading the list. And then, I decided I could read it, I just wouldn't reference it. But then it brought back memories of youth groups and life as a preacher's kid. So, here, I hope you're happy, blag-web-o-sphere. Here are my favorites. In groups!

Popular Christian Culture
#12 - Getting awesome in a certain number of steps
#25 - Jonah, Noah, and David
#26 - Songs that sound Christian, but aren't
#28 - Rob Bell - Rob Bell, if by some chance you're reading my blog, just know that I love you and what you have to say. But I also like paragraphs.
#58 - Calling people "Seekers"
#61 - Being "relevant" - To the publishers of Relevant Magazine - I love you guys, but you really are the indie kids of today's Christianity. Also, can I get a free subscription?
#75 Quoting from The Message when the normal Bible is being disagreeable

#14 - Dating God instead of me
#31 - Occasionally swearing
#33 - Singing with our hands raised
#63 - Rededicating your life. Again.
# 96 - Using God's favorite word
#105 - Wishing your testimony was more exciting

Youth Group
#35 - Lock ins
#45 - Getting the money's worth out of youth group liability forms - Best example of this - rupturing my eardrum during a mudfight on a camping trip. Or that time my friend Cameron nearly died on the white water rafting retreat. Or the kid who got a concussion on the ski trip. Or...yeah...
#55 - Getting a precise definition of "virgin" from your youth minister
#64 - Fearing the rapture would come before you lost your virginity
#66 - Eating your bodyweight in goldfish in Sunday school - Or at youth group. Or vacation Bible school. Or pretty much anytime. I still do this. The goldfish cracker really is the perfect snack of our faith.
#74 - Youth group vehicles that break down, blow up, and in general, suck - I'm not entirely sure if I've been on a youth trip that didn't have at least one car problem
#93 - Riding on the cool van in youth group - If it's gonna break down, you don't want to be stuck with losers.

Grape Juice
#76 - Grape Juice - 'Nough said.

And now that I've wasted an hour and a half, I can get on with my life.


Rock on.
Wait...why aren't bad Christian rock bands on the list? Stryper's just the tip of the iceberg.

Edit: Ok, yeah, I missed a few. Or new ones came out. Either way, here they are:
#5 - Bootleg Cookies
#110 - Donald Miller - Mr. Miller, if you happen to be reading my blog, please hurry up with more books.
#115 - Kissing dating goodbye - Yeah. I tried it. And by tried it, I mean that I used it as an excuse for my singleness. I highly recommend I Gave Dating a Chance.

Oh, and I forgot this part. Hat-Tip - 'erbody

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#Whatever: Christian principles that form around acrostics.