05 February 2007

Life of a Freshman

What can be said about being a feshman at the University of Georgia? I imagine that all 5,000 of us have our own versions of how this year went. What can be said about being a freshman at CCF? Probably a lot. I know that my fellow freshman never cease to amaze me with how talented, inciteful, creative, excited, and caring they can be. During a recent brainstorming session, I was astounded by some of the ideas put forth. We were even trusted with the planning and execution of the CCF Superbowl party.

One of the things that we (the freshman) hear quite often is how great this year's group is. While I cannot objectively compare us to freshman of years past, I can testify that any success that the class of 2010 has had or will ever have is due to our interns (random shout out to Becca to keep her attention), staff (even that funny, short South Affrican that we call Fledge), and those older than us. To any who stumble upon this, thank you for your love and time.


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Rebecca G. said...

thanks for the shout out YAY! but i must say that you guys are awesome and no matter how great your interns/staff are, you guys would still be awesome. ok bye!