20 January 2007

Come Together

Galatians 6:1-10

In the fifth chapter, Paul tells us to do good. He follows that train of thought into chapter six. He states that we should do good to all, but especially fellow believers. His suggestion for doing this is accountability.

When I was younger and more immature, I thought that having a set accountability "partner" was among the dumbest things ever. My reasoning was focused around the facts that a) telling someone about your sins doesn't make you stop and b) you could always just lie. However, as I grew older and ever so slightly more mature, I began to see that as you grow in Christ, you also grow closer to other Christians, both changes making you unwilling to lie. While talking about sinning doesn't mean you'll stop (if only, if only), discussing where you're stumbling and how your fellow believers can help you make a massive difference (and extra prayer never hurt either).

One of the best ministries that CCF has going for it is what they call "Crash Groups", or accountability groups of two or three other people close to your age. Not only are they great for accountability, but they also help you grow in Christ and closer to other Christians. Hey, lookie how that turned out.

Rock on.

Post Script: And yes, I am listening to the Beatles as I type this. I'm on an old (and oh so good) music kick.

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