06 November 2006

When Satan Uses the Church

Today was fun. We had a group of protesters, for lack of a better term (though religious nut-ball fits just as well), held signs in front of the Tate Student Center telling all who saw and heard that they were going to Hell. It takes a turn for the worse here, as part of their message was that Christianity is not the answer and that those who thought they were Christians were going to Hell for listening to their respective churches instead of God.

Given my short temper and low tolerance for stupidity, I did what I do best: yelled. I grabbed my Bible and, at the top of my lungs (and louder than I’ve ever yelled before), read 1 John 4:7 to them and the crowd. After the main “preacher” mocked me (much in the manner that I mocked my sister when I was five), and told me that I was not a Christian, I announced to the assembled crowd (weirdos always draw a crowd) that God loved them.

And this brings me to my point: Satan can use the Church and believers as effectively as he can use anybody else. The obvious example here is the protesting group. But what about me and the other people who were arguing with/yelling at them? Did people get our message that these people were wrong? Or did they just see people who claim to follow God yelling at people who claim to follow God? By shouting the Word, did anyone get my point or did they just see another version of a protester? One person thanked me for what I did, but she was one of those arguing with the protesters.

Feet, meet mouths.

Rock on.

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