01 September 2006

Update...U P D A T...ummmm....Y?

Ok, so...for those who don't know, I am indeed at college in Athens. And it's fun. Colllege is so much better than high school.

I've gotten involved with the Wesley Foundation on campus and it's a great group of godly (yea for alliteration) students. For those who dont' know, the Georgia Museum of Art is on the UGA campus as well, and while I haven't toured the galleries yet, they do have film nights, so I got to see the 1931 Weimar German classic The Blue Angel. They also have one dollar movies at the student center.

The guys in my dorm are...college guys. We're all pretty weird and different. But it's fun. My classes are going pretty well (for those who don't knowe, I'm taking Geology, English, World Religions, Statistics, and ROTC (which means my hair's short again...*sad face*)).

And now for the things I've already learned from school:
  • Despite what you may think, getting up for a nine o'clock class is hard.
  • On a related note, yes, you can stay up til three in the morning. And no, it's not a good idea.
  • Just because you can eat the same thing for four meals a day doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  • "I'll do it tomorrow" is the world's worst motto (I've been meaning to do this update "tomorrow" since I got to school).
  • Having time between classes is nice. But it gets boring. Really.

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Scipio said...

Drew...you make me laugh