27 June 2006

A Political Post - w00t

Today, I bought several books to include Common Sense (Thomas Paine) (for those who don't know, this book was the pamphlet that inspired the masses to rise up against the Crown during the American Revolution). As I read it, I find myself blown away.

I first became interested in politics in the ninth grade and my main source of information was Fox News (I watched it religously, but fortunately, I've grown up). In tenth grade, I took a step back to study World and European History (which, after comparing the American Revolution and the Jacobin's Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, greatly affected (effected?) my view of the role of government). During US History, I decided to take George Washington's advice and avoid political parties. This year during Economics, I declared myself a true captialist, advocating merely enough government control to protect the people from their own greed.

As I read through the first section of Common Sense ("Of the origin and design of government in general."), I am reminded of why I believe what I believe. Though a Deist, Paine makes an allusion to the fall of man, saying, "Government, like dress, is the badge of losts innocence...." Paine states that the role of government is to provide security for the least possible intrusion into our lives.

Which brings me to why I am an independent. Aside from the distraction of partisan politics, all parties get it wrong. The Democrats try to intrude economically, while the Republicans try to intrude morally (and though not always a bad thing, they focus on a lot of the wrong things *cough*flag burning*cough*). Third party candidates often hold extremist views (Green, etc).

This post really serves a duel purpose - 1) it explains why I am so weird; and 2) it gives you something to think about (hopefully, I may even convince someone to make the change).

Rock on.

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