08 May 2006


I was very surprised by prom. I had been expecting to have a good time with my friends before the dance (which I did), but I actually had fun at the dance. Weird.

Before hand, I picked up Bug, Ruth, Melanie, and Stephen (Steven?), and we went to se M:i III (all of my predictions came true: there was a rogue agent, people wore masks, and Ving Rhames wore expensive clothing). After the movie, to Outback! Four loaves of bread and a bloomin' onion (which lasted two minutes, at most) later, we dropped Steve off and got to the dance around 10. After the dance, we went to Sonic (oh, malts, how I love thee).

In other news, I actually danced. Go figure.

Rock on.

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Steph said...

sonic, woo hoo!