23 May 2006

Graduation and Such

This weekend was, well, this weekend. I got out of school on Tuesday (w00t) and had Wednesday to do nothing (double w00t). Then my grandparents arrived on Wednesday night, I had Awards Night practice and Baccalaureate(sp) on Thursday, followed by FCA (yeah, I went to school at 6:45 after being released), Graduation practice, and picking up my sister on Friday. Saturday held the longest four hours of my life: Senior Awards Night. Then Sunday: Grajamanation (i is edukatet. i is a hi skool gradate!) and the awesomenastic party put on by the school. Oh, the fun.

And today? Uber sleep!

Random rambling about my week aside, there was something odd about Graduation. For the past few weeks (since Prom, really), I've had this feeling of, "Oh, crud. I'm not ready for this." But as I walked across the stage on Sunday night, those feelings kinda vanished. I realized that I'm going to miss my friends, but now I'm moving on to bigger things. No, I'm not ready to make it in the real world yet. That's what college is for.

Rock on.

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