30 April 2006

Fast Fasting

Wow, I haven't done a rambly, unfocused updated in quite some time. So, here we go...

I had a mock trial this week. I served as the defense attorney. My partner and I got our "client" off on one charge, but not the other two, so I count it as a loss (dumb jury who was only there for half the time, no offense to the two people on it who were).

This weekend was the Thirty Hour Famine, which was going to be awesome. Jon and I were gonna try to make it 48, and there was a huge hike and a camp out, and I had helped plan...and I got sick. I only made it 30 hours, missed the camp out, etc.

Saturday, I went to see the school play, Aladdin (not the best one they've done). Afterwards, Jon, Ruth, Melanie, Megan, and I (and Mack showed up for a while) went to China Buffet (Chinese food at 9. That's fun. Seriously.)

Speaking of Ruth and Melanie, I'm going to Prom with them and Bug. So I'm the only guy in a group of three girls. I'm kinda scared. But it'll be alright (we're going to see a movie before the dance, cause we're cool like that).

After church today (and four donuts), Jon and I went to Burger King. Now I remember why I never eat there.

Oh, and last Saturday was the JROTC Ball. It was ok. Better company than last year's, but other than that, it went down hill, despite the best efforts of the staff. But hey, I got to make a speach (ok, a "salute"), which was cool.

Now if only I could get someone to read my blog...

Rock on.

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