21 February 2006

These Are NOT Paid Actors

Romans 5:1-5

I love commercials. And not just regular commercials, but infomercials. Where they claim that they are all unpaid testimonials, these people really used this product and are now perfect. And there is always that little disclaimer on the bottom. "These are not paid actors...yada, yada, yada." And it leaves you with the impression that these people (who barely remember their few lines) really aren't actors (but not in the good sense).

Likewise, every Christian is a walking, talking testimonial for Christ. Indeed, we are not receiving compensation for demonstrating how Christ has influenced our lives.

Now, before people start reading too much into this, I am not saying Christians are perfect in the modern sense of the word. We still sin. We are, however, forgiven, and therefore made perfect through Christ.

...Anywho, this passage offers a demonstration of Christ's impact on our lives. In the words of CS Lewis, we become "little Christs" and as it says at various points in the New Testament, we are "adopted as sons (Eph. 1:5)". God grants you a sense of peace and you rejoice in it.

But wait, there's more. If you call and order at anypoint in your life, you also get to enjoy suffering. Yup, you heard me correctly folks. For no extra charge, you will actually get something out of the hard parts of life. You get perseverance, which comes with character, which comes with hope. And this hope will not disapoint you.

Rock on.

*Disclaimer: jesusfreak8801 is not a paid writer. And it probably shows. Also, it should be known that no offense is meant to the advertisment industry. Please don't sue.*

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